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Breaking Vegas (History Channel). This is what the new movie "21" (with Kevin Spacey) is all about.

The MIT blackjack teams have taken millions of dollars from casinos around the world by training students to play blackjack scientifically.

ABC News has covered them, the History Channel made a special on them (Breaking Vegas), bestselling books have been written about them (Bringing Down the House), and Hollywood has made a movie about them ("21", new movie with Kevin Spacey).

Breaking Vegas (History Channel) (2004)
The true story of six college students who broke the bank in sin city

Five days a week, they were non-descript MIT students: engineers, mathematicians and computer scientists. But on weekends, they would gather tens of thousands of dollars and jet off to Vegas and other gambling hot spots, where they would defy the odds with a sophisticated card counting scheme that won them millions at blackjack.

BREAKING VEGAS goes inside the riveting story and shows us how the MIT group was founded and stayed in action for decades, eventually evolving into a full-fledged business--one with only one product, money, which it made by legally beating the casinos at their own game. Interviews with casino heads and former members of the team shed light on the opposite sides of this strange cat-and-mouse game, and we'll see how their remarkable run finally came to an end.


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